Mykonos sensational gastronomy


A sensational gastronomic project in Mykonos


Fusing the Mediterranean and Lebanese gastronomic traditions with contemporary style, presentation, and the freshest local ingredients, LAFS is the place to go for Mykonos' most sensational gastronomic experience.


Located at the hotel's fanciest nook overlooking the stunning marina and the big blue stretching beyond, Mykonos chic-est, most suave eatery offers a grand alfresco setting for wining and dining in style, in the open air, whilst gazing at the trademark Cycladic sunset and the stars.


LAFS is all about an all senses, exceptional dining occasion, inspired by Michelin star chef Greg Malouf: Drawing on his cultural heritage and European training, the renowned culinarian has forged a unique style of cooking that combines the delectable Middle Eastern gastronomic legacy with contemporary flair and panache. His trademark interpretation of Middle Eastern cuisine has in fact earned him worldwide praise and acclaim.


Malouf ‘s signature salmon tartar with cracked wheat, spring onions and garlic; roasted grouper fillet in crispy kadaif with chilli, sumac and cinnamon-flavored orange sauce; or rib-eye steak with baharat spice mix, caramelized garlic butter and creamed feta with spinach; are but a few of the mouth-watering options.


The restaurant's cellar boasts a comprehensive collection of gems from the Greek and international vineyard to accompany each of your menu choices, while LAFS expert mixologist undertakes to prepare innovative, Mykonos-inspired cocktails with fruits and herbs, premium liquor and the finest bubbly.


To round off your meal, LAFS pastry chef has created a tempting array of artfully designed, heavenly desserts, such as Lafs Delice: Crispy white chocolate, crumbled with green pistachio, halva and sweet brioche ice cream.


Lounge music from selected Dj’s or live saxophone sets and the dazzling scenery complement this, most sought-after, reservations-only, haute gastronomic Mykonos adventure. Open to all after 8:00 PM.

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